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We are pleased to announce the arrival of 3 puppies born August 17, 2017.
All puppies are spoken for.

 Dam: CH Runrig Moonlit Frost "Torin"


 Sire:  CA GCH, AM CH Quarrydene Wild At Heart, "Merlin"


November 2, 2017

The time has come for our solar eclipse litter to spread their wings and fly. Hunter and Simon will soon be leaving us. Flare will remain here with us. We wish all the puppies a very happy and loved life! You will always be in my heart.

A few last family photos



October  27, 2017
The puppies are now 10 weeks old and are preparing to depart for their new homes.



 Hunter will be co- owned with Carol Ackerson and will begin a show career early next year.



  Our Flare will be our keeper. She also will start her show career next year.




 Sweet Simon will be bringing much love to his new family in Louisiana.


The puppies at 9 weeks


 Runrig Once In A Blue Moon At Copperglen. “Hunter “



  Runrig Solar Flare “Flare “



 Runrig Second Star To The Right “Simon “



 October 17, 2017

The puppies are now 2 months old. Their ears have come up. They are starting to be more playful and active. The puppies are now fully weaned. Last week they had their first vaccines and health exams. Next week we will be doing some health testing on the puppies.


 Runrig Solar Flare “ Flare “


 Runrig Second Star To The Right “Sirius “


 Runrig Once In A Blue Moon At Copperglen. “ Hunter “



 Puppies at 8 week




 Puppies at 7 week



Puppies are 5 to 6 weeks old 




 Puppies are 4 weeks Old



September 7, 2017  -  3 Weeks Old
The puppies have done lots of growing and now are starting to play as really
explore their world at three weeks of age.
The Three Stars
Blue Boy
Green Boy
Our Girl

September 3, 2017

The puppies are now two weeks old. Their eyes and ears have begun to open.
Our little girl, was the first to greet the world.

This next week will bring many changes as they begin to move about, play and explore more of their world.



The Girl


 Green Boy



  Blue Boy



 2weeks old


This is our girl, at one week of age.
  This is our green boy at one week of age.
 Our blue boy at one week of age.


August 24, 2017

The puppies are now one week old. They have all doubled their birth weights.


Puppies have already started to gain weight at 2 days old.

Our newborn puppies