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Puppies born July 28, 2013
2 girls & 3 boys

Sire:   Canadian CH Quarrydene Northern Explorer, "Hudson"
Dam:  GCH Runrig Dangerously Adorable, "Isobel"

We are very excited about this litter! The sire was Winners Dog at the Canadian National Specialty this past May. Hudson, finished his Championship going Best Of Breed over specials at another specialty. Hudson, is a young boy just over a year old. This is second litter. We are looking forward to seeing more of this boy in the ring. Hudson is Bred by Merril Schmitt, of Calgary Canada.

This will be Izzy's second litter. Puppies from her litter last summer are doing well in the ring! Both girls are pointed, and one has her majors! Izzy is a very typey girl, who finished her championship at one year, and her grand championship in just 3 weekends of shows. She won several sweeps, was Best Of Winners at specialties, and was Best Opposite sex  her first time out as a special at the Chicago Club specialty. She has passed all her health test.

Most of the puppies have gone to their new homes. The two girls are going to be staying. We would like to introduce
Runrig Moonlit Frost, "Zana" and Runrig Silver Glitter, "Suki" 
 Runrig Silver Glitter, "Suki" 

Runrig Moonlit Frost, "Zana" 






Oct. 6, 2013

Photos of our puppies as they have grown. The puppies are pictured  between 3 weeks and 10 weeks old. We have enjoyed this litter of puppies very much. The time has come for the puppies to start to go to their new homes. This is always a sad time as we say good bye to the puppies. But we also look forward to enjoying the progress they make as they continue to grow and settle into their new homes!
The puppies are now 3 weeks old! This past week has been a busy and exciting one! The puppies have all opened their eyes, and are hearing now. I have started to play music for them as well. If you are wondering what  music they listen to, they like Celtic lullabies! They have also started to move around and play. Little barks and growls can even
be heard. They spend their days playing, eating and sleeping!  

                                              Girls are green and pink ribbon, Boys are blue, red and no ribbon.


Red Boy 

Blue Boy

Dark Boy ~ no collar

Green Girl

Pink Girl


The puppies are now 12 days old. All have more than doubled birth weight. They are gaining about an ounce an day.
Their Sire, CA CH Quarrydene Northern Explorer, "Hudson" was awarded BOB at the Wild Rose Cairn Specialty show in Canada this past Saturday!! The pup are very proud of their dad!!
Girls are green and pink ribbon
Boys blue, red and no ribbon  (dark puppy)


The puppies are now two and a half days old, and growing rapidly! They have already had their first visit to the vets.