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This past November, we had our latest litter of puppies born to Ch Runrig Road To Riches "Tory". 

Tory now lives with her her new family Becky and Lindsay Wood with their two sons, Alex and Josh along with their pointer, Winter.

Having this litter has been a wonderful experience for all. 

This litter was not raised here at Runrig, instead it was raised by the Wood Family.  Becky has lots of dog experience as she use to show and raise Sammie's. Becky had much help in her efforts with this litter. Her husband Lindsay who was the wonderful photographer of this litter and her two boys Alex and Josh. Josh and Alex took their role in helping to raise this litter very serious, from weighting puppies, feeding, cleaning up after to playing and loving them. These two boys have played a major role in the lives of these puppies. They have helped to see that each one was thoroughly socialized. They saw to it that each puppy received one on one time daily. They taught them new skills such as climbing stairs. They found it a bit harder to teach them to go down...

I would like to personally thank the Wood family for their wonderful care of this litter. A special thanks to Alex and Josh, for the extraordinary care they gave.  Not only has this family done an outstanding job with this litter, but they have given me their friendship! This is a friendship I shall always treasure!

Becky and a very pregnant Tory

Tory, Comet, and Winter






Lindsay playing with pups.



What's Happening With The Puppies??

All the evaluations and health screenings have been done, and now  the time has come for the puppies to start their new lives with their new families in the loving homes that have been selected for them. This is always an exciting time as well as a sad time as we watch each one go and start it's new journey in life.

Payton now lives in Col. with her new owners the Pfneisl's. Payton is a busy girl and loves her new family, including the cat! Payton will continue to be called Payton.

Coby is now at home with the Proctor family in Kansans and will retain his name. Coby loves getting to play with their two young children.

Callan has moved to Indiana and will be seen later this year in the show ring with his new owner Jill Martinez. Callan is now know as Runrig Fast Cars and Fast Women  " Martin"

Our other boy Gavin, who is now being called "Whiskey" will soon be traveling to his new show home as well.

Last but not least, the newest member of our family is Dannee who we are now calling Runrig Champaign and Diamonds, "Taylor".










December 10, 2010   4 1/2 weeks old


December 2, 2010    3 1/2 weeks old











November 19, 2010      12 days old

Dannee & Payton

                                                         Dannee                                             Payton                

Callan, Gavin, & Coby

                            Callen                                                        Coby                                                    Gavan

November 9, 2010     1 day old


Black Boy


Blue Boy


No Collar Boy



Pink Girl


Red Girl

November 8, 2010   newborn