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Zorro group 3

This past November, we had our latest litter of puppies born to Ch Runrig Road To Riches "Tory". 
Tory now lives with her her new family Becky and Lindsay Wood with their two sons, Alex and Josh along with their pointer, Winter.

Having this litter has been a wonderful experience for all. 

This litter was not raised here at Runrig, instead it was raised by the Wood Family.  Becky has lots of dog experience as she use to show and raise Sammie's. Becky had much help in her efforts with this litter. Her husband Lindsay who was the wonderful photographer of this litter and her two boys Alex and Josh. Josh and Alex took their role in helping to raise this litter very serious, from weighting puppies, feeding, cleaning up after to playing and loving them. These two boys have played a major role in the lives of these puppies. They have helped to see that each one was thoroughly socialized. They saw to it that each puppy received one on one time daily. They taught them new skills such as climbing stairs. They found it a bit harder to teach them to go down...

I would like to personally thank the Wood family for their wonderful care of this litter. A special thanks to Alex and Josh, for the extraordinary care they gave.  Not only has this family done an outstanding job with this litter, but they have given me their friendship! This is a friendship I shall always treasure!

What's Happening With The Puppies??

All the evaluations and health screenings have been done, and now  the time has come for the puppies to start their new lives with their new families in the loving homes that have been selected for them. This is always an exciting time as well as a sad time as we watch each one go and start it's new journey in life.
Payton now lives in Col. with her new owners the Pfneisl's. Payton is a busy girl and loves her new family, including the cat! Payton will continue to be called Payton.

Coby is now at home with the Proctor family in Kansans and will retain his name.   Coby loves getting to play with their two young children.

Callan has moved to Indiana and will be seen later this year in the show ring with his new owner Jill Martinez. Callan is now know as Runrig Fast Cars and Fast Women  " Martin"

Our other boy Gavin, who is now being called Whiskey will soon be traveling to his new show home as well.
Last but not least, the newest member of our family is Dannee who we are now calling Runrig Champaign and Diamonds, "Taylor".
November 6, 7, & 8, 2010

Saturday Nov 6 Runrig Wired For Sound "Rex" was WD, BOW, and BOB over three specials for a 4 point major, under judge William Potter at the Tri-State Kennel Club show. Rex was shown by Jeanette Cromwell.
On Sunday Nov 7 Ch Runrig Off Road Experience "Scout" and Piperglen Dancin On The Edge "Lucy", became the proud parents to two girls! Lucy is bred and owned by Jan Stephenson. ( pedigree )

Nov. 8 2010

Our litter sired by Runrig Devilishly Dangerous At Copperglen "Devlin" out of Ch Runrig Road To Riches "Tory," arrived early this morning. We have three boys and two girls.    ( pedigree )

October 16, 2010

Oct. 16 2010 at the Sooner State Kennel Club Jeanette Cromwell's Rock'N Robbin was Winner Bitch and Best Of Breed as well as Group 3 under Judge Judith Daniels. The next day Robin was again Winners bitch and Best of Breed to earn her championship title. Robin is sired by Ch. Runrig Off Road Experience.

September 19, 2010

At the Three Rivers Kennel Club Show on  Sept 19,2010 Runrig Devilishly Dangerous At Copperglen, owned by Carol Ackerson was Best of Winners, Best Of Breed from the classes over specials and received a Group 4 under Judge William Potter.

Photos taken during the Cairn Terrier Club of Denver Specialty weekend by Merril Schmitt

Littermates Isobel, Flirt, and Kensi
Sire: Am Can Ch Quarrydene's Gambling Man
Dam: Ch Rurnig Hotter'N Hades

photo by Merril Schmitt
Runrig Braveheart Flirt'N With Danger "Flirt",
owned by Penny Sturgiss
photo by Merril Schmitt
Runrig Dangerous Curves, "Kensi"
owned by Glen Lyle
Co-owned with Vickie Shotwell.
Bred by Vickie Shotwell
photo by Merril Schmitt
Janwell's Rock'N Robin "Robin"
Bred and owned by Jeanette Cromwell

Sire: Ch Runrig Off Road Expereince
Dam: Ch Janwell's Ain't Misbehavin

photo by Merril Schmitt
Runrig Wired For Sound "Rex"
Bred by Kathy Bain and Vickie Shotwell.
Owned by Jeanette Cromwell and co-owned with Vickie Shotwell

Sire: Ch Runrig Off Road Experience
Dam: Runrig's Cappercaillie

August 20th & 21st 2010

On Friday August 20, at the the Cairn Terrier Club of Denver 20th specialty Show, Runrig Braveheart Flirt'N With Danger went Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners for a major. Flirt is owned by Penny and Dave Sturgiss.  Janwell's Rock'N Robin, bred and owned by Jeanette Cromwell was Reserve Winners. Runrig Wired For Sound was also Reserve Winners Dog. Rex is bred by Vickie Shotwell and Kathy Bain.  He is co-owned by Jeanette Cromwell and Vickie Shotwell. Ch Runrig Dangerously Adorable was Select Bitch and Award of Merit. The judge for the Specialty was Mr. Michael Dougherty.

Janwell's Rock'N Robin was also Best Of Winners on Saturday August 21 at the Greeley Kennel club show under judge Ray Bay for a major.

 The  Greeley Kennel clubs Sunday show was judged by Linda Moore.  Janwell's Rock'N Robin was again Winners Bitch with Runrig Wired for Sound going Best of Winners. Both Robin and Rex are sired by Ch. Runrig Off Road Experience.

That same day, Ch. Runrig Dangerously Adorable was once again Select Bitch completing her Grand Championship. Izzy easily finished her title at just 16 months of age. This was her third weekend out as a special. 

This was a very special weekend, as we were able to share our success with Merril Schmitt. Merril is the breeder and owner of  AM. CA Ch Quarrydene's Gambling Man  "Chip". Chip is the sire of both Flirt and Izzy.

July 8, 2010 weekend

Ch. Runrig Dangerously Adorable, "Izzy" captured three Best of Breeds at the North Texas Terrier Club, Texas Kennel Club and Trinity Valley Kennel Club shows. This was her second weekend out as a special. She has already earned 5 majors, and 20 of the 25 points needed for her Grand Champion title. Izzy is shown going best of breed under judge William De Villeneuve.

This same weekend, litter sister Runrig Braveheart Flirt'N With Danger, "Flirt", also went BOW at the same shows, as well as going Best In Sweeps, and going on to earn a group 3 in Sweeps during the North Texas Terrier show. Flirt is owned by Penny Sturgiss
June 18, 19, & 20, 2010
On June 18th at the Little Fort KC Of Waukegan show new Champ Runrig Dangerously Adorable, "Izzy" was Select Bitch under Judge Jocelyn Gagne. 
At the Chicago Cairn Terrier Clubs specialty show, held in conjunction with the Great Lakes All Terrier Association Show, Izzy was awarded Best Of Opposite Sex under judge Lynne Myall.

She was Best of Opposite Sex once again Under Judge Terry Stacy at the Chain O' Lakes Kennel Club Show on Sunday June 20th.

Izzy earned all three of the majors required for her Grand Champion title.
What an exciting first weekend out in her show career as a special!  We look forward to watching Izzy earn her Grand champion title and seeing her future accomplishments in the show ring!

Runrig Devilishly Dangerous  At Copperglen "Devlin" 
Bred by Vickie Shotwell - owned by Carol Ackerson

On Sunday June 20, Devlin,  owned and handled by Carol Ackerson, was winners dog for a major under Judge Terry Stacy at the Chain O' Lakes Kennel club show.

June 11 & 12, 2010

On Friday June 11th at the Su-Mac Specialty show in MN. Runrig Dangerously Adorable was Runner up in Sweeps under breeder Judge Larea Diehl. In the regular Classes she was Winner Bitch, and Best of Winners for a 4 point major under Judge Linda More to complete her Championship, at just 13 months of age!! She's finished, but we're not finished seeing her in the show ring!!

              Saturday June 12th, Runrig Braveheart Flirt'N with Danger, "Flirt"  owned by Penny Sturgiss
         was Best in Sweeps under breeder judge Joyce Adams-Taylor at the Housatonic Specialty show in CT.   

May 30, 2010

On May 30th Runrig Armed And Dangerous was awarded Best Of Breed Under Breeder judge Peggy Beisel Mcllwaine and went onto take a Group 3 under Judge Norm Kenny at the Cincinnati Kennel Club Show. Gunner was shown by his co-owner, Gail Morbito who expertly handled him to this win.

May 22 & 23, 2010 

Runrig Dangerously Adorable was WB, BOW, as well as BOS at the K. W. Kennel club show in Kitchener, Canada during the Canadian Cairn Club National Specialty weekend. The following day at the National Specialty Show in Canada, Izzy went on to capture Best In Sweeps. 

Youtube Video of Izzy at Kitchener, courtesy of Sheila Bremaud 


At the Jefferson County Kennel club of Missouri  show on Friday May 7, Runrig Devilishly Dangerous at Copperglen "Devlin" was winners dog, best of winners and best of breed. He went on to a Group three win all under judge Cindy Vogel. He is owned by Carol Ackerson.

Runrig Dangerously Adorable "Izzy" was winners bitch and best of opposite sex.

On Sunday May 9, at the Sprit of the Heartland Kennel Club Show our Runrig Dangerously Adorable "Izzy" was winners bitch, best of winners and best of breed over specials for a major under judge William Potter.
Runrig Dangerous Curves "Kensi", co-owned with Glen Lyle was reserve winners bitch, with Devlin, going winners dog.

We are very proud of this whole litter who have just turned one year old on April 15th!
March 25 & 26, 2010

Friday, March 25th, at the TVCTC specialty, Runrig Devilishly Dangerous at Copperglen, "Devlin" owned by Carol Ackerson was best in sweeps under breeder judge Glenna Barnes. This young boy, on his second weekend out also went on to take Reserve winners dog under breeder judge Jack Smith.

Runrig Bravehearts Flirt'n With Danger was also Reserve Winners bitch at the specialty.

That same day Janwell's Rockin Robin, one of Ch. Runrig Off Road Experience "Scout's" offspring, bred and owned by Jeanette Cromwell was Winners Bitch at The TVCTC specialty for a major.

The following Sunday under Judge John Kimes another of Scout's offspring, Janwell's Rock My World owned by Gaye True, was Winners bitch with both Devlin and Isobel again going Reserve winners. 

On Saturday March 26th of the specilaty weekend Runrig Dangerously Adorable "Isobel" was Winners Bitch for a major under Judge Lynn Myall.
March 13 & 14, 2010

Runrig Danerously Adorable "Izzy"  was Best in Sweeps at back to back speciality shows held by the Detroit Club on March 13 and March 14. She won from the 9 to 12 puppy Class!

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